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In the field of architectural visualization, more and more professionals are adopting real-time rendering, virtual reality, or interactive models for their presentations. These new technologies offer many opportunities that can make the user experience more fluid, immersive, and convincing. We develop tools for that, you will find below our different products, they will help to make the difference when presenting your projects.

You will be able to surprise your customers by offering them an immersive tool that will allow them to interact directly with the environment of their project in real time, all in an impressive realism universe.

Accessible and multi-platform, our applications can be used in streaming or locally, and on different media: mobile, tablet, touch television or through a VR experience with headphones and controller.

PC Application

With this application, you can move freely in your project using the keyboard and mouse, or a joystick. This application offers the maximum visual quality in the real-time field.

This option requires a dedicated computer to take advantage of the full potential of the application. It can be presented on very large screens and has the ability to convince the most cautious of technology and the most sensitive to virtual reality.

Streaming Application

No need for a keyboard or controller, you can directly interact with the project environment by navigating with your fingers on the interface. The application can also be used with the mouse on a computer. You will be able to present your project in a meeting or at a show or event, or watch it from home at any time. You just need to have a good internet connection.

Usable on all recent tactile surfaces: mobiles, tablets, screens.

Virtual reality

It's been a while since we've been working on it, here's another technology advanced tool that allows a total immersion in virtual reality and in real time. A virtual tour that offers a 360° view of your project with a VR headset, you will be able to interact with your project through VR controllers and controllers.

This option requires a dedicated computer and adapted VR equipment, it is convincing and will offer your customers an original experience. An immersion closer to the reality that will allow them to project themselves into their future real estate project.